Nature is our greatest teacher, if only we give the space to listen.

Absolutely everything is connected… yet, we have lost the connection with nature, with ourselves, with each other. Our default setting has become one of disconnect and there is a deep yearning, a longing, for a more authentic way of being.

We are nature.


We are what we eat, and are we eating well? How do we nourish ourselves, find connection to our bodies? Explore biodynamics, organics, regenerative agriculture, self sufficiency, local food networks, community supported agriculture, generational wisdom, planting by the moon and much more...


Presence, awareness, spaciousness. Do you hustle through your day? Rest seen as some far off reward? Being seemingly connected through technology, yet lost amongst it all? Let us step into the new paradigm together, where spaciousness, rest, authenticy, community and connection prevail.


Natural Wisdom was born out of the curiosity for knowledge, nature and the human experience. An avid reader and devourer of information, Monique seeks to understand the depths of herself, out to the reaches of the universe, as she explores connection.

Natural Wisdom desires to empower humankind with the wisdom held within their own bodies. 

Want to put this into practice?

1:1 Coaching

Well versed in embodiment, biodynamics, forms of agriculture, the human design experiment, Natural Wisdom is your one stop shop to wellness and living the life you desire through your strengths, nourishment and understanding.

"What an amazing workshop, I have come away with so much knowledge. Learning about how to mend soil naturally was fulfilling, I am excited to start applying a more natural approach to the way I garden to produce greater yields that are healthier and full of nutrients for my whanau." - Alamein

"I loved attending the workshop! The time flew by as we wandered around the beautiful farm learning all about growing more veges and creating rich, beautiful soil with lots of worms and no weeds. Monique was so lovely, she really knew her topic and was so passionate about it, that you left energised and full of ideas for your own garden and wanting to begin straight away. I would totally recommend attending, it was the best day!" - Nicki

"I would highly recommend Moniques workshop to anybody even remotely interested in this area. The presentation of the workshop was practical and relatable which made receiving the content so easy. I didn't come away from this workshop thinking, hmmm, what did that mean? I have come away thinking, that makes so much sense!" - Chanelle

Love for Natural Wisdom and Monique's teaching...

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