Planting by the Moon Masterclass

Gardening by the phases of the Moon has been and still is practiced by a multitude of cultures. Using experience and observations, they have learned how the influence of the Moon and planetary bodies can dramatically affect growth and resilience.

Connecting with the phases of the Moon also taps into our deep desire to be in tune with nature. This relationship can extend to be more in tune with our own selves. We are nature, and everything is connected!

Plus, planting by the Moon can also help you plan your tasks efficiently - when you know the Moon energy is supporting the task at hand, you have an extra impetus to complete the job while maximum benefit to the garden can be obtained.

This masterclass will cover -
- Why it is important
- The basic principle
- Benefits of using these techniques
- Important factors to consider
- Rhythms of the Biodynamic Calendar
- Astrological 'Best Days'
- Understanding Lunar Phases
- How to use a Lunar Wheel
- Maori Maramataka
- Observation templates
- Where to source calendars

This masterclass has been pre-recorded for your convenience, and is available to purchase and download immediately. You will receive a 90 minute video as well as supporting PDFs to get started on your journey.

"Enjoyed the format, enjoyed the overview of different ways of planting by the moon, curiosity spiked so now I can deep dive into the systems that resonate with me. I enjoyed opening my eyes to an element of gardening/planting and observing I had not properly considered previously." - Sarah

"I would highly recommend Moniques workshop to anybody even remotely interested in this area. The presentation of the workshop was practical and relatable which made receiving the content so easy. I didn't come away from this workshop thinking, hmmm, what did that mean? I have come away thinking, that makes so much sense!" - Chanelle

"Great coverage of beginner, intermediate and advanced practice surrounding the Moon and greater Astrological effects. Monique is a confident presenter who is excited about her subject, allowing for ease of information sharing to others of like mind." - Steve

Here's what past attendees have to say...
Growing your own food, and wanting to maximise your harvest, output, and energy? Feeling a little adrift in the world and want to become more in tune with nature, and ultimately yourself? Curious about the world and ancient technologies?

Planting by the Moon Masterclass is for you!

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