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Natural Wisdom was born out of the curiosity for knowledge, nature and the human experience. An avid reader and devourer of information, Monique seeks to understand the depths of herself, out to the reaches of the universe, and absolutely everything in between as she explores the interwoven nature of connection. 

She has lived many lives, from a goat farmer who makes raw milk cheese, to an international brand manager, an art photographer, a biodynamic farmer… and has traveled. Extensively.

A deep knowing that we are nature, absolutely everything is connected, and that nature is our greatest teacher, if only we give the space to listen, are the pillars that Natural Wisdom is built on. 

Come, join us on this journey of discovery of ourselves and the worlds around us.

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As I emerge out of a week long shamanic womb journey, the weave of my life feels like I am threading deeper layers into the blanket that cloaks me in my knowing. 

Many times throughout that week, I almost felt like it wasn’t ‘deep’ enough, like I hadn’t ‘shifted’ or that the ‘impact’ wasn’t visibly ‘seen’ by so many around me. But I know, I absolutely know with every fiber of my being, that so much of what happened that week was at a cellular level, the mind has no place in untangling it or being with it. 

I discovered, the essence of my calling. I was called to the land six years ago, and began the journey to come home to myself and root within the land. I knew eighteen months ago with such conviction I am here to empower women with the wisdom of their own bodies. The call to this particular facet of the journey, gave me the incredible gift of understanding... for the feminine to rise, she must be rooted in the earth. 

The time is now, to step into this powerful becoming. Homecoming. 

I saw indigenous understandings with whole new eyes. Of course Papatūānuku is earth mother. These stories are in my bones. The lifetimes we have all lived before are in our cellular memory. 

I elongate. 

And the further I rise, the deeper I root. 

The further I rise, the deeper I root. 

The further I rise. 

The deeper, I root. 

This is my journey now. Feeling the full force of the feminine, which is only available, through rooting into the earth. 

Cloaked in my blanket of knowing, threaded with the weave of discovery, of remembering. I walk this earth in this lifetime in a whole new way. 

My instincts have sharpened. The tools available to me have been blown wide open. From inside of me. 

They have been there all along. 


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Every season that flows on through, we endeavor to collect more and more seed. It’s integral to developing a farm that is self sustaining, not to mention maintaining genetic diversity in our crops and in our communities. 

Catch is... it’s a completely different beast to growing food! Different considerations need to take place, and a complimentary set of skills. Not all is lost though...

We started off with the easy friends, from heritage open pollinated seeds that we brought in, saving the likes of tomatoes, pumpkins, calendula. As our confidence and understanding has grown, we add more and more to our repotaire with each season that passes. 

We also allow our garden to flourish. So often when we are saving certain seed crops, the wind helps us out and spreads some in the garden in the process... we allow anything to grow, where it pops up naturally. Every condition was perfect for that seed to take hold and bloom, there is no need for us to interrupt that! 

The rule of three is also crucial in our seed saving endeavors - first, best, last. First to ripen/flower/produce. Best tasting/size/shape. Last to ripen/flower/produce. Little trick for this? Tie ribbons to your plants once you identify this crew! That way, you know they are to be your seed crop, whilst also feeding you. 

Pictured here, is our most recent save, parsnip. Two years in the making, worth every moment. Bonus is... we knew they were viable before we planted out this autumn... as they have popped up in the garden naturally already! 

Wins all around, when we get out of our own way 🙊👩🏻‍🌾💕


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Biodynamics is a form of agriculture very similar to organic farming, but is a deeper holistic, ecological and ethical approach to gardening, food and nutrition. 

Drawn on a series of lectures in 1924 given by Rudolf Steiner, it includes various esoteric concepts and treats the farm as its own living organism, looking to be self-supporting in nature without the use of off-farm inputs. Often remarked, ‘food tastes as it should’ when grown biodynamically.

In this workshop we will explore the foundations of biodynamics - the nine preparations we utilise when practising biodynamics. The afternoon will be part theory, part practical and will culminate in an meditative hour stir of preparation 500 - the grounding block the whole system. 

What we will cover - 
- What is biodynamics and why is it important 
- Building fertility and resilience in your garden naturally
- Characteristics of each preparation
- Different methods of incorporating biodynamics 
- Sourcing the preparations 
- 500 stir and spread over the land

This workshop is perfect for anyone growing their own food, or those that have an interest in nutrition, building soil health and climate resilience, or simply a curiosity for the interconnected nature of our universe. 

We will be based on Paulo Farms, a certified organic property just outside of Waihi that has been utilising biodynamics since 2016. The property encompasses a market garden, a young orchard, cattle, pasture free range chooks and is our playground for a self-sufficient lifestyle. 

Everyone welcome! 

Sunday 24th April 2022
Paulo Farms, Waihi

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Day 14 of my cycle. With the full moon this morning, and a couple of days away from ovulation, I ‘should’ be at peak energy. Yet I feel two different forces at play within me. 

There is the general wave that weaves through the flow that I have come to know since tracking my cycle with this intensity.

Yet this cycle, a new force has arrived in the gift of understanding the undercurrent of the unique manifestations. 

Same same, but different, was the mantra from many moons passed. 

I am tired. In a ‘heady’ way my understanding of menstrual cycles tells me this shouldn’t be the case. 

Yet, my body tells the different tale.

I could push, I could force my flow. I could pretend to be superwoman because that’s ‘where I am’ in the menstrual cycle. 

Yet, my cycle is mine. And she shows me that there is something else at play, to be nurtured. The layers of understanding are incredible. It’s a process of forever learning. At this point of time I don’t feel it gets easier, the awareness just grows and the compassion for oneself on the journey. 

So today, today I rest. Because that’s what my body asked for, not what my cycle chart alluded to. I feel the clear, crisp river of energy flowing in the centre of me that is attributed to the high summer, yet it’s surrounded in the murkiness of my body. There is no need to push, to pull, to be anything other than all I already am. I am a woman. I am forever changing, growing, being, and it is with great compassion I meet myself here today on the journey. 


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